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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Such a great new crop-circles, friends!

Especially this one that was made in three days, posted by Astralwalker, and the double yin&yang symbol posted by Truthseeker. Also, this prehistoric complex discovered “beneath” the crop-circles could not be accidentally. My feeling about all of this is very positive. As everybody of us knows what yin-yang symbolize, we should expect more ( and, I believe, more clearly) positive messages.

I was “dreaming” last night an intensive conversation with somebody, don’t know who, but I remember only the last sentence, before awaken, clearly and loudly said: The wheat is the real gold of the 3-rd dimension! Very interesting, I research the symbolism of the wheat, and I found the strongest one (for me): Successful end of the cycle!

Astralwalker, your believe for the Hope is our, too.

Let us prepeare.

Respect -KRUVEL
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