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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The Golden Age

Have no fear
The golden age is here
Stretch your body
Let your fingertips kiss the stars
Expose your heart
Liberate the guards
Sing your favorite song
Let your voice reach the sun
Peace is among us
The golden age has begun
Not for me or for you
For everyone

Acceptance, check
Compassion, yes
Understanding, check
Love, of course.

Feel the earth smiling
Beneath your toes
Breathe enlightenment
Through your mouth and nose
Let the people know peace is here
By the way you smile
Let the people know there is nothing to fear
By loving their inner child

All your life you have waited for a savior to appear
And carry you off to heaven
Well I have great news
Your savior and your heaven is right here
You do not even have to go anywhere

Your savior is the inner peace within us all
Your heaven is yourself upon planet earth
When you understand you are forever forgiven
When you let down your worried wall
When you can face everyone and everything
Genuinely smiling standing tall

The love inside is the guide
Leading us into the dawn of a new age
If the pain, the hatred, the worry,
The jealousy, the ignorance, and the rage
Come back knocking at your door
Remember to be thankful to them for leading you here
But let them know you do not need to use them anymore
Unless they are willing to accept their beauty and love their fear

The flowers are our sisters
The trees are our brothers
The sky is our father
The planet is our mother
We are all a part of each other
We are all we need
We are a united universe of love
Being freed

Justin Blackburn
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