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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I'm glad that Avalon is back...and I'm happy to see you here again my dear friends. Yes, indeed, feeling about beeing "disconneceted" from something very precious is not that pleasant at all...and "the precious" are you my dear soul friends.

About some evtl. comming events...I had an urge to post something here, something very important for me. It was only postponded with the temporarily downfall of avalon, but here it is...

Some of you may remember (said in some privat discussions on skype as well posted here on avalon) that I have an enormous strong feelings about some big changes which are comming toward us as humanity. The sense of "I'm kind of missing something" is so present these days, I would say it's too big just to be concerning some changes in my life only. (You should know that I've allways been right with such kind of "predictions" earlier in my life).

The only "problem" (I actually don't see this as a problem at all) is that I'm not sure what kind of changes we're heading to...which makes me pretty happy. No matter what, no matter where, no matter when...let it come. It can only improve our lives.

I'm here perfectly where I should be, it's the perfect location, it's the perfect timing, it's the perfect environment, it's the perfect soul brothers and sisters here on avalon, everything is perfect.

Few weeks ago, I received a kind of "download". When I say download, it means I got another "material" downloaded in my heart (not in my mind) which I'm allways trying to filter out first in order to be able to understand what it means. Well...

This time, and I'm sure it means exactly what I'm writing now, it's all about us, the humans at our present time and about our "future". And it fits perfectly with my previous mentioned sensing that some big changes will happen. It's pretty weird, but I'll try to explain.

I've come to the conclusion, that we, as a human race, have somehow reached the end of all possibilities to change our further path on our own! It's done and it's over! We've done it and it's over for us! WE can not do any better then now on our own, with the present "tools" and resources.

Just look around you my dear, just look around this beloved planet and you'll know what I mean. We, the humans, we really can't continue our existence here and now like we did before. Our spritual powers and resources are so limited, we've really come here to and of an era. It just doesn't make any sense to continue the path of humanity as it is. For me, it's over, once for all!

The very important part of the "download" is that something big, really big must happen. Something so big, that we'll be "forced" to live our further lives different. To live our lives from our hearts, with love, gratitude, without any "forcements" or limitations.

The big change I expect to happen is soooo simple but very powerful...but now we've come to an end with our knowledge and the major part of the humanity don't know how to activate these much higher abilities which we're all predestinated to posses.

And that's the point...I don't know if any ET's will land and "donate" us higher abilities or higher technologies. Nor I know if all these scenarios of armagedon will come true. But I'm sure that we need help and we'll get help, it will only concern the progress and evolution of our DNA, our real powers, it will makes us what we're supposed to be...loving and precious beings, loving and precious souls, in each densities we'll decide to interfere in the future...

It all fits togther. Just read between the lines and you'll see and hear that what I'm talking about has been said before, from many wise teachers around the globe, in different times of our existence as well as today.

The nexus thread is just another part of the puzzle...given us as a possibilily to discern our real potential and to warn us of the comming changes. Thank you all for beeing a part of my life now, it's my honour and pleasure to have you all around me!

Anyway, some of you might disagree...but that doesn't matter any more. I know what's inside of my heart and I know it's my thruth. Each one of you will have to "check" this information in your own hearts to find your thruth. I just wanted to share something, which I deeply know will come true soon.

But hey, it's really not about the "sit and wait" attitude. WE must act in the meanwhile to make the earth a better place to live...and here, at the end this long post, I will tribute the life and the work of Michael Jackson and quote:

"heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race"


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