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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Thank you friends for your great postings.
Samarkis, Alchemikey, Truthseeker, Oliver, Gemeos you are shining light .
Friends I am sensing a fantastic boost of energy within Avalon and around me.
The love flow is way up and as far as I can feel and see it we have definately moved
into a higher density .
I can only see things as I always did from what you really are , from what I really am.
Within that boundless love we share the future is NOW.
The mind is setting the limits and the heart is dissolving them .
There is no place to be and no place to go but in that oneness that we share.
There is nothing to fear and nothing to hope for .. these are just blinders to a higher truth
that knows at all times that there are no worries and only love to express now and forever.
Celebrate ! The world is full of wonders .

Loving kindness

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