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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by Jnana View Post
I get your point, I just don't agree (entirely). The GEET device provides about a 20% to 30% increase in gas mileage (data from a single French test vehicle). If that kind of result is common, that is indeed significant and worthwhile, I don't dispute that....
Jnana, considering the huge efforts the global elite does to try to control MSM to suppress all kinds of forbidden info (free energy, 911 fraud, swine flu vaccination fraud, anthropogenic global warming fraud, etc.), raising the level of public awareness (about free energy and other things) is not only “trivial or unimportant”, but on the contrary, “extremely important”.

In fact, what the elite is probably trying to prevent is precisely the awakening of the masses (the critical mass), because they know such a global awakening could mean their end.

Further more, that’s one of the purposes of Project Camelot, helping to get this global awakening. So, any effort in that direction should be welcome.

But let’s suppose for a moment that it’s not appropriate for Dr. Greer to go to CNN to talk about free energy (GEET, etc.), even though he already was in CNN and other channels talking about UFOs (Washington Press Club, 2001).

In such a case, instead of going to the CNN, he could perhaps show a Pantone GEET device in some of his seminaries and conferences, or do a video an put it in YouTube to show it to his audience (people who already trust him), and give them the free blueprints, and publish the performance tests that AERO and Orion Project could easily do to verify that technology, or things of that nature.

That’s what Panacea University is doing.

Why don’t Dr. Greer and his team of experts do similar things? That would be compatible and complementary with their other current activities.

I look at the Panacea University’s web site, or Jean Louis Naudin’s web site (both about free energy), and I see TONS of “practical” and “useful” free energy info (blueprints, detailed building instructions, pictures, graphics, experimental results, etc.), info which is helping thousands/millions of regular people to realize of the reality of free energy, and I think: these guys seem honest, they really seem to want to promote free energy among the general public.

Using a computer analogy, Panacea University could be like Windows Vista (user friendly), while Greer’s sites (AERO, Orion Project) look like an old beta version of MSDOS computer language (hard to use, only for experts, maybe it doesn’t work, maybe it doesn’t even suppose to work...?)

For instance, in my case, I did not see the blueprints of the Pantone GEET motor (and other devices) in Greer’s site, but in Panacea University and JLN.

Compare and judge by yourselves:

Panacea University, free energy

Jean Louis Naudin, free energy

The Orion Project & AERO (Dr. Steven Greer)


Considering the above, there are several “possible hypothesis”. Which one will be the right one?
a) Dr. Greer is honest and sincere (?). In that case, it would be good if he could give us very good answers to the questions we are presenting here to him, as well as participate in open debates with his peers (Ex: Alfred Webre, Project Camelot, etc.).

b) Dr. Greer (or the current one, not the 1994 one?) is a double agent (?) (infiltrated, gatekeeper) who is playing a game with society based on a clever strategy by which he always has the perfect excuse. For instance, first he is a useful instrument to identify the best free energy devices so that men in black can suppress them, and then he says: “I tried hard but at the very last moment, the men in black intimidated the inventor, or he got scared, or they stole the equipment, or, or, or”..... to infinity, till the next 26,000 years cycle.

c) Other options (say which...?).
Based on all these considerations, which possibility do people think is more probable, plausible, or realistic?

P.S. Btw, Dr. Greer said that all his Disclosure Project witnesses have not suffered any threats, and I think that’s because he put in place some sort of protection system. That’s great. But if that is so, why doesn’t he offer the same protection to Henry Deacon after he talked about the colony in Mars, or having gone there by teleportation, etc.?
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