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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by qbeac View Post
So, in any case, it would be good to hear Dr. Greer’s own opinion about this matter.

Something that Dr. Greer could do to clarify these questions is to make himself much more available, don’t hide, participate in more public and open debates with his peers, like other people are doing (Alfred Webre, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, etc.), and answer the hard questions that his peers (other experts in the field) and the regular people may present to him.

That would be something normal to expect from sincere and honest persons who don’t have things to hide or double intentions in mind (Ex: Alfred, Bill, Kerry, etc.).

For persons who have a leading role in the UFO field, it should be almost “mandatory” (or highly recommended) for them to participate in open debates if they want to have credibility, because truth is not afraid of lies. In open debates and in the long run, you can see and feel who is real or fake.

I am definitely in agreement with this.

Disclosure across the board will make it a lot easier to get the news out there about various types of advanced technology that can be made available to the public. But what order the dominoes will fall in is anybody's guess.

It feels to me like we are moving into a new playing field now, of very creative and also very chaotic potential, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. It may be that things will unfold in a manner we never expected. IF it is true that stargates are opening up around the planet, whatever happens should be expedited considerably by the new energies coming in!
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