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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Friends we have come a long way ,

We have a web site thanks to Mikey
We have this thread turned into pdf and promoted on Startreka's site.
We have a summary translated in french and polish thanks to Lawless, Karelia , Burgundia and Zeddo.
We will soon have an italian and german copy as well thanks to Winadeyo and Czymra.
We have pdfs of the meditation guide lines laid out by Astralwalker .
We have videos on nexus thanks to Perseide and Mikey.
And we will soon have a film ...isn't it Czymra ?

We have music thanks to Phied and Astralwalker.
We have sites beings mapped thanks to Samarkis and all who contributed and helped her along.
We have a growing public thanks to Avalon, Camelot , Lightworkers org, Divine cosmos and every one of you who talks to someone else about Nexus.

I know everyone here has done something in it's own way. That's very very good !

But if you think about it there is a lot we still have to do now that we have the basics in and that we know where we are going.
The 5-9-9 event on sacred sites has to come into reality.
It's easy I found to talk Avaloners into it but what about all these far away people around the globe which I am not sure understand all that this is about.
We need ideas to get these people on the sites. We need coordinators of events per country.
We have 2 and half month left until there.
We should all work on it guys. Everyone has to do something .
Please think about it and come with bright ideas and initiatives.
I can't do this by my own , Astralwalker can't do it by his own, Mikey can't do it by his own , Samarkis can't do it by her own etc...
We are a team friends ..Get going...Get busy as this is the only way we will have a chance to make it .

I love you all

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