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Default Re: Store What You Can Grow

Originally Posted by VinnieCooper View Post
I would Suggest you Enchourage Diversity in whats grow thinking on an International Level ie. grow what crops Naturally grow in your Reigion.

I live in Europe So I only ever grow European Crops. It just Makes Sence to me.

I'm sure their must be a Canadian Version of Kale or Similer Hardy Crop. I love Kale myself Totally Agree with you about it.

The 'problem' with growing what supposedly comes from near you is that it doesn't. Just as the humble potato came from the Andes, took over the European continent and then the world (not much in China though...they tend to balk at the solanacea) wheat is from the near East, as is rye etc. Quinoa and amaranth are going to rage the global market as they blend perfectly with hemp.

The notion of 'what grows where you are' is becoming massive. Not in a limiting factor, but in an explosive outpouring of new seeds for old lands. The notion of restriction is being spouted by the same old busy-bodies as per usual like the whole bunk "INVASIVE SPECIES" gibberish. What do we know of anything beyond humanity that 'invades' anywhere...oy vey. A plant's timeline is very different from our own.

Quinoa, amaranth and hemp are the three most useful (green-grain) annuals to have in a Permaculture with bamboo and comfrey coming in at a tie in the perennial group. This is WORLD wide. All of them have a strain (or a cultivar) that will grow neigh near anywhere. If it CAN grow there, grow it there because it will be most useful. The more we switch our reliance to foods that are feisty, nutritious and adaptable the better off we are. I would never suggest this for a mass planting and trial at a running farm.

I am saying that if you or anyone has an operational space to put these plants it and do it yesterday. One of the hardest things I have found about being a Permaculture desigener is getting people to try new foods. But having the seeds of new foods about especially if they are better seeds is paramount right now.

As for G-d I love that plant......and to all the kohls, Godbless. Three cheers for chard as well, and that 'southern thing-a-ma-jig'
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