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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Just some thoughts to consider about Obama and what is happening in the World today (a comment on the release of Alex Jones new movie: "The Obama deception"):

Remember that Alex Jones' world view paradigm and his view of government is pretty set from before. And the same has happened with a lot of people he and others have influenced. I am not saying that is bad. Not at all. That wakeupcall was and is very very needed in many cases.

If what Wilcock and other sources like Matthew is talking about is indeed true, it is very unlikely that people like Alex Jones will be able to grasp it. The momentum and heaviness of Alex Jones' world view paradigm is so large that it is not easy to "turn around" or consider otherwise. His life is basically dedicated to what he does and his view of things are pretty crystilized and clear. However, change happens fast these days.

What Wilcock, Matthew, Kryon and others are saying is that the corrupt rotten system will be turned around from within by integrous people stepping forward, and that Obama plays a major part in this process. There are very little obvious signs of this at the moment, so we will have to wait and see. My calibrations support these notions. When the level of mass consciousness is as high as now, all that cannot match that level is in a process of disintegration and giving in to something that can. Something of integrity.

Just like there were many many good people inside the Nazi regime system it is the same with the global nwo system (probably even more good people since the nwo system encompasses the whole world basically). But as long as the dark was able to suppress the Good/Light, and keep the level of mass consciousness (in the nazi countries) down by the grip of fear, all these Good people inside the system was unable to really step forward and do something.

This is not the case in todays world the way I see it. People are breaking free from the grip of fear. The level of mass consciousness has never been higher in recorded history (i.e. last 2000 years). Picture this Mass Consciousness as an "invisible organizing field" surrounding the Planet. At the moment, the physical world we see does not reflect the level of that organizing field. But that invisible field is working 24/7 through most everyone in order to bring reality up to its level of expression. It is bound to take a little time. It's very similar to healing. The dis-ease is now gone in the etheric level or "energy level" if you wish. This is the basic "unmanifested" level working 24/7 to manifest on the physical level. There will be "healing crisis" all the way up to the point where the etheric level matches the physical level. This is our world today. We are in major healing crisis, but on the etheric level the world is already healed and well.

Hidden agenda?

This ties right in to what we are doing here on this thread and with this project. We are organizing global Mass Meditations with the intent of speeding up and supporting the ongoing healing process so that it can manifest faster and smoother than what would otherwise be the case. There is no hidden agenda to this. It is plain and simple. If there was a "hidden agenda" to this the meditations would not calibrate as high as they do. Either way you are in total control of your own intent while participating. There are a lot of "hidden agendas" in this world and society, and still you chose to participate by incarnating and being alive here now did you not? As long as you are clear in your own intent no "dark force" can "hi-jack" or "mis-use" that intent. Is this not the very reason we are here? To become evermore Clear and Present in our own intent of participating in Life, as opposed to being "hi-jacked" by the of the dark forces?


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