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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Aloha Astralwalker,

I've just finished reading your book Extraordinary Powers and am somewhat humbled and of course filled with many, many questions.

I'm curious as to when you would do a follow-up book with your more recent astral travels and was also wondering why you were not to share anything about your Shambala experience.

However, I am very grateful for your information on the grays as that was the missing piece of the puzzle for me and will help me with another project I'm working on. I've also been helping a couple of the contactee members with editing their books and although some of the detail of the abductions was filled with interesting information, the why - behind the why was what I've been searching for - for a long while now.

I really enjoyed reading your book and very much appreciate your sharing your experiences with us. I now understand more fully what is at stake with our 2012 date coming up.

Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
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