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Default Re: Continental Congress 2009

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Wouldn't this be reinventing the wheel? We might end up with a wheel which looks like the Star of David. Who would decide which new document to use? This new document would not have a history or a track record. Is the United Nations Charter such a superior document? Does it not already supercede the U.S. Constitution? At this point...such a formulative effort would most likely be motivated by a hatred of Responsible Freedom...and would lead to anarchy...which would be quickly followed by tyranny. Is this what is being planned for the United States...and the world? The U.S. Constitution and the Red Letter Teachings of Jesus are two of the biggest enemies of the New World Order. Freedom vs Tyranny. Decisions...Decisions.
The Constitution is not a holy document, nor is it perfect.

Sorry to burst your bubble there.
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