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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

beren, I agree with you and believe exactly as you have explained. Thank you. I do believe that the entities I have faced are demonic. That is why I have no wish to communicate with them. If their intentions were good, they would not have done what they did to me all my life. Also, I didn't mention earlier in my posts (because I couldn't be bothered going into too much detail), I can feel the energy of these creatures. It is dark and it stinks. Not a smell from a nose, but a spiritual stench. It is vile and dark and black. Many times I have felt them leeching off me, almost as if becoming one with me and the darkness I feel inside when that happens is indescribable. It is putrid and empty. many times I have felt like I was at deaths door because of these things. I can say for a certainty that they are demonic.
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