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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

One thing is sure for me and that is anything is possible.
When Jesus said that he has so much to tell them then BUT THEY COULD NOT BEAR IT in that time ...

We do not know for sure what is actually happening in the space as we know it.

I think Bible refers to the core of the matter . In the mean time who knows what happened behind the curtains and what did the evil entities done over last couple of thousands of years here on this planet, in it or around it in our solar system or further.

My opinion is that we need to fight for our soul and sanity in this turmoil of the time today. All other things will be revealed in their own time ,when we are ready.
But we`re not left alone in all this. Jesus taught us, healed us, helped us by casting out evil entities and was comforting us.
He is doing that also today . I think you saw so far many threads about that on various sites.

Anyways if we open our self for love and truth from the one who IS love and truth , there is no power in the universe who can defeat us!

Love and blessings!
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