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Default Re: Who is your Higher Self?

Your Higher self is the finished you!

That is after all your journeys through so many lives it is all you have been and are at all time.

It resides in Tiphareth mostly and the goal of "The Great Work" is to become your higher self so much that you become the finished product or as much as possible in this for your incarnation. Return to the Ain Soph Aer as experiential Glory and Service and Unity with The Lord. Free from Karma, straight up between the pillars.

I hear the words "service to others" here a lot, thats very nice and good karmically but is not neccessarily the best thing which is service to God. Acting under will for whatever is best to bring yourself and others closer to God. I think sometimes some don't realize that a negative experience can be an important part of the growth process and stopping one for youself or another is not always going to truly be the right thing to do because it doesn't bring you or another closer to God.

I know that does coincide with free will and learning under law of one just stated differently.

It's complicated but whats really good is what brings us closer to God and whats really bad is what takes us farther away. Ordinary definitions of good and bad don't always apply in the bigger picture.

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