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Default Re: Who is your Higher Self?

My higher self tells me to hold on, be tolerant, never judge and enjoy…well, that’s easy to say the least. But…I have always had a problem with being patient in a hectic world.

Mannn, I got my bags packed…

It’s a shame that I have to come here to see people expressing love to one another…if only this type of behavior existed in the real world… This place feels unreal at times. You guys are beautiful

I'm starting to think that Mankind might be doomed; however it will most likely be Man’s own fault. As a specie we are too envious, aggressive, Procrastinators, and naïve (Galactic babies). Chaotic in our thinking we often create less and destroy more. Severely misguided and bamboozled that we can’t even trust our own elected officials, can’t trust our scientist, our doctors, some of our family members, friends, and some can’t even trust themselves. When a species trades in its valor for unconfirmed theories of suspicious whistleblowers and inaccurate science…a recipe for self destruction is certainly at hand.
If the problem is known, yet fear governs the mind to pursue less altercating avenues from that very problem…then that problem can only become stronger until it’s dealt with. There should be more dialog in ways of dismantling the failed system (organized boycotts, demonstrations, tax hold outs, you know…the brave stuff)
Searching for the supernatural, worrying about the probable, and debating unsubstantial theories seems to be part of the plan to keep the masses trained and complacent…all the while gazing at the stars while a world full of people struggle, die and suffer every day. I’m willing to die taken down these oppressors…for I find it excruciating living amongst cowards, sheeple, hypocrites, and the selfish. My only true regret is raising a child to adapt to this pitiful reality. How others do it and sleep soundly at night just to wake up to the BS again….is beyond me.
These PTB guys must really know what they’re doing, huh? I guess I can thank God this experience is not forever…so I’m telling my higher self "how much longer now?"

Talk about it or be about it
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