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Default Re: India Moon Probe - Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by enemyofNWO View Post
Intersting development . Now , as you people know , the NASA crowd lied to the public for a lifetime as documented in " Dark Mission " of Richard Hoagland .
The Indian probe , if the Indians are honest about exploration , will reveal the lies of NASA . I would like the Indians to publish the photographs , not photoshopped or retouched a la NASA , so the would could see the deception . Once the decetpion is revealed , NASA's credibility will be forever destroyed . The photos will reveal the truth about the Moon , UFO , aliens and a lot of stuff the criminal in Governement spent a lifetime hiding from the taxpayers. I hope I am right with this scenario . I wish the Indian space progarmme good luck .

I think we would rather go to war with any state than allow them to discredit NASA so blatantly.
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