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Default Re: A "Whistle Blower" open letter to Bill and Kerry, and the forum.

Good afternoon, Norval

I hope you are having a nice Sabbath. I also observe the 7th day rest as explained in the old AND new testaments of the Bible. Your observations of the Bible is so far very similar to what I believe. Now from my understanding, we just entered the "Great Tribulation" this month, and we are about to go into a time period of great destruction, sorrow, and death as described in perfect detail in the Bible. Do you agree? Then after this time period of 3 1/2 years (plus a couple of months), we will enter into a new age. And you are right about the small remnant of people that are chosen to be the new government of this world for the new age. People here say that you are a "whistleblower." But are you
an Israelite (Seed of Abraham and child of Yahweh Elohim) and just trying not to be spiritual; because this is not a spiritual forum? Are you also awaiting the second coming of Yahushua? Thanks, I just wanted to clarify that information.

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