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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

OK, in the meantime here, I read your dreams, visions (am I nuts) post. Well, just so you know, right now I am stuck in 1942 with an almost dead horse I have to rescue. So you tell me. He's (could be a she) is emaciated, can't get up... there are about 6 people with me. It's night. We're being furtive. There are Nazi snipers everywhere. I've gotten as far as getting him (her) on an industrial type of canvas to drag, which incidentally is also quieter to drag/move to a safer corner of the hangar, than say pulling it by the legs.... Because it's so weak, at least it's quiet. Actually, it's hardly breathing, just enough to keep its heart and brain going - it can't move more than that or it might die with the exertion. It's in an air plane hangar.

Have you had any 'insectoid' typology experiences?

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