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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Wow- the dentist/hospital experience is interesting..... I need to read that again.

Carol- I too listened to Greer last night (On Veritas) but I can't agree with him on the no malevolent species- I think there is probably a lot more he doesn't say- not sure why people think he's malevolent himself for saying that- I get the feeling he is doing good for the world etc;

Kari Lynn- glad you got well- so hard when you have children to be told such nonsense by medical *authorities*......

I do think/know they keep data on certain people who are/were part of various genetic breeding programs etc; I am part of one (Lebensborn program) grew up near Brookhaven and Montauk and was given numerous drugs (LSD) as a small child in conjunction with various experiments. Some of the other Montauk survivors have recognized me/I recognized them and we have *reunited* to support each other etc;

What I was told only males were used for trip chair- I disagree with that because I was used recently for time travel.

As a child they had to strap me down to the dentists chair whenever I went to visit the dentist. It's taken me years to get over fear of that and I stay away from medical offices/doctors etc; never been to hospital- had all my babies at home. Medical people *scare* me and I have panic attacks.

M1- you might want to consider therapy for PTSD- or going under regression (I know you mentioned you don't want to) but it may provide you with answers....

When I was 19 it was suggested to me that I was a hybrid (by a well known Indian Guru, my yoga teacher and meditation teacher) at the time I didn't take it too seriously and only years later under hypnosis with Dr. Mack did I discover the truth. It's one reason why my biological mother won't discuss aspects of this nor talk about my father (she only said she became pregnant over very traumatic circumstances) she was then moved out of her country (this particular program used Nordic and German girls) and placed in Nevada for 4 months of her pregnancy before she was moved again to NY to have me. I have the doctors name who ran this ring (he committed suicide) and I was able to do some tracing/investigation around it.

I only add that if you are curious to get to the bottom if it like I was/am (although I am far from getting to the bottom of it) and it has provided me with some comfort (not much though to be honest- this is not an easy subject).

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