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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Astralwalker, first thanks for all your dedication and your love at putting this thread together.

But, with all due respect for you, it really seems that the majority of the people following this thread is asking for the original Phiedpiper's file. Not the one with dayzero additions not the solfeggios that I put together on your instructions but the 30 minutes file Phiedpiper did for us.

I dedicated a lot of my time to put those files together because I believe there is a purpose for all this but I must admit that I am really wondering why you don't want to considere the input of all the people following this thread with love and dedication who are saying to you loud and clear that they (myself included) felt that they really connected together with this file.

As much as I try to focus on the main goal of this project, it really bothers me to feel that somehow, the voice of the many is not heard and slowly lose my willing to put efforts and time on something we feel is not working as well as we would like. (I.E. the deepness of the meditation while looking at visio)

Like Mudra asked you, I am adding my voice to the sincere demand. We would like to have a TRUE explaination on why we must keep trying files that we don't feel will work for us. In my humble opinion, the question still remains at this day unresolved and unanswered.

I know you've been busy with a lot of other stuff and I don't want to push you, but it seems a lot of people in this thread are also busy and are still putting a lot of efforts and time for that project to succeed.

I honestly put a lot of confidence in your wisdom and am sure you will address this with diligence, love and patience as always.

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