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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by jazzgad View Post
astralwalker "I hold only gratitude for everyone of you. I hope that you will hear my words and understand my vision. We really need to UNITE instead to divide.
Every exchange or communication that leads to division is doing damage and vice versa."

seems to me that any opinion not in line with Astralwalker is "creating divisions "
no mater how many people are expressing it ,but is seems to me that good story and good energy is not enough ,we have 7 weeks till global meditation and if till now 20 people
could not vote on one music file it is going to be much harder with 3000.

in being more constructive ,originally there was plan for Wednesdays and Sundays meditations ,can we get back to that and hold Wednesdays
meditations ( same time 8 GMT ? ) with intentions of protections and healing
of us participants and Phied of course and that also would give us more dates to try new files

just an idea
Absolutely agree with you. to tell you the truth it throws me off from the whole thing because "we are arguing" here. we are not arguing, we are expressing our sencere opinions.
To astralwalker- my opinion of you is getting confirmed; it is your ego that stands in the way. you do not allow this project to be our creation, it must be your creation. I am greatful to you that you started it and I appreciate your hard work but i can't help to feel the way i am feeling now.
You do not have to ask other 3000 people. i bet the same percentage as here will have the same view. it is just math.
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