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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Sanat View Post
I am of the opinion that people should choose freely what musicfile they prefer at this stage (at least until something most everyone agrees on has crystallized itself clearly). In my opinion it is the meditative state of Being/Peace/Joy that matters, and not so much how one "gets there". Rigid directives scares people off, while openess welcomes them in.

I hope people reading this thread understand that their participation is most welcome as long as you harmonize with the overall intent of spreading Peace and Joy. This thing is still "under development", and so is many peoples relationship with meditation. Different files/methods etc. is being tried out at this stage, and so it is on the individual level. This is only natural. Given some time something more stable will crystallize itself as we move forward.

As for the new website it looks pretty good to me. However, on the very front page where people go first there should perhaps be a very short summary of all you need to know to particiapte on a weekly basis. Just a short note on the intent behind this thing, and the day/time etc.

I agree people are finding themselves still on varying levels(this i do myself daily)people run weight lift this is my training ground.

But i think we need to harmonize to best our ability to the same file for just 1 day aweek no matter our level the intent is there!!(it's what we train for) the ability will grow and much easier together to reach out once a week on a file we create together to the best our abilities.

We soon will touch more souls who while bring there skills and knowledge and we shall proceed at unpresedented speeds...
but we need to harmonize or we are just many together, not together as one.

Love & Harmony to All

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