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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

I tend to think that both good and evil is hierarchical in nature...with leaders of both polar extremes. I guess I'd like to see this all go away. I really want the bad guys to become good guys. I'm really confused and conflicted about non human races. Should they be kept at a distance so they don't dominate and enslave us...or should they be completely involved in our society? If we extend the hand of friendship...will we lose our hand...and maybe everything else? Should Earth be completely human...for a while...until we get our house in order...and figure out what is really going on in the universe? Should a United Nations based upon the U.S. Constitution(my bias) be exclusively human regarding what happens here on Earth? I'm open and friendly...but still quite paranoid. At what point should an abused spouse become trusting?

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