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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by judykott View Post

History of the World Grid Theory

Chris Bird

Ivan Sanderson

Christopher Bird

Bethe Hagens

Barbara Hero

David D. Zink

David Childress

José Arguelles

Krsanna Duran

Dorothy Leon

Peter Champoux

Dan Shaw,

Paul Devereux
May I add another name to the list above: PAGE BRYANT of Waynesville, NC

Page, a clairvoyant and psychic, mapped all of the vortices in the Sedona, AZ area before moving to Western North Carolina. Here she has identified a system of SEVEN ley lines in the Smoky Mountains (the oldest in the world) that tie into Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River. The origination point of each of these seven ley lines are themselves sacred sites.

Page writes about her experiences in mapping the region in her book, The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains.

In much of Western North Carolina, the "veil" between dimensions is thin and there are many paranormal events and heightened contact with Nature and the Little People, as the Cherokee Indians called them.

I really like PhiedPiper's idea of a group activating an area or region and learning how to serve as "human transformers" in this great global experience of communion. This is something I will be working on.

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