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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone after spending two days reading all this information i just want to say thanks to astralwalker for all his hard work and time consuming effort in getting all this info out to us.
I for one would gladly join in on any mass conscieness if it meant lifting us to a higher realm and i can see exactly what Astralwalker is explaining to us that we need to be part of the meditation or just plain being there in the higher state of concentration.
Those who feel they have not the experience to do the mediation part are indeed aiding with the agenda by focussing in on that energy and connecting anyway.

The energy lines or ley lines are the key here, i have felt this for many years and yes this is why churches, obelisks etc have been erected on these sights to stop the divine energy flowing through, it has been used for the negative for far to long and we need that divine energy flowing back to balance our Earth and for us which is our birth right and our Creators wishes to sustain life for which it was meant to be.

There is just one thing i would like to add before i go remember there are also ley lines within the large grid, these little known ones are just as important, so before you all go rushing off to Stonehenge, Egypt or any other such place study your local maps.
Where i live in Kent there are many ancient stone areas i will be preparing the great switch on so to speak generating the sparks for the huge one!
Now i will let astral walker continue with his exceptional work!
Thanks once again you have enlightened me further i have felt a resonance here with this thread and my heart is racing for the Nexas Event if i do not go before this mass exodus!
Love to you Astralwalker.
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