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Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
Now...orthodoxymoron, do you see a pattern here?
Sorry BROOK that I'm taking so long to reply. I got distracted...and I still need to think about all of this a lot more. However...Hathor is the one who I find the most interesting. I'm not sure exactly why...but I am suspecting that Hathor (Lucifer and possibly Eve?) is behind everything...a goddess giving birth to all the other gods and goddesses...including the God of the Bible (but not the Founders, Ancients, Creator God of the Universe...of course). Did the winged-serpent (Nibiru/Satan/Reptilians?) deceive Eve (Lucifer/Hathor/Humanity) in the Garden of Eden (Pleiades) leading to War in Heaven (Pleiadian Civil War?) and a forced Exodus to Aldebaran (and later to Earth) by Renegade Pleiadians (us)? A lot of the god and goddess talk may be mythical in general...and BS in particular...but the stories and sacred texts may tell us a lot about the author or creator of the mythologies and BS! There may also be significant principles and concepts...which we can benefit from. I keep thinking that Hathor/Lucifer is a mixture of good and evil...sanity and insanity...which goes with the territory of being a god or goddess. But deities really should be obsolete in modernity...although appreciated historically. We need to move on...I think.


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