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Default Re: Questions for THEWATCHER

The one huge thing that I think is the stumbling block here? education. Bear with me on this one as i'll explain why.

Science. What I did in Chemistry and Physics at A level, is now degree work. Thats only 18 years difference. Don't even get me started about stellar and extra solar science lessons. In todays subject, this is a no go.

Geography. I learnt places, data, rock formations and minerals. In short, what came from where, why and how. These days its a trendy subject with a few colour graphs in it.

Thinking for ones self. Todays youth are spoon fed the lowest form of information they in power can get away with. Spoon fed with no thirst for knowing more as their lives are sated by TV and junk.

I sound harsh? my sisters a teacher and she knows how far down this generation have sunk. She was a 'pure applied science' type, but now? now she knows more than the geography teacher so has taken up that subject as well on the time table, and fills in for the French teacher.

Dumbing down the masses is a weapon in this war to keep us 'happy eaters' in our places and not scratching at the walls of our cages.
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