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Default Re: Questions for THEWATCHER

Originally Posted by THEWATCHER View Post
I recall being in the family front room of our home, awaiting the return of my father.

Suddenly there was panic, a large black cloudlike thing was ascending the stairs leading up to our front door.

We rushed into the front room and hid behind the large sofa.

We watched as the cloud drifted into the room, within seconds my father entered the room, hearing our screams i guess, he passed thru the cloud then stopped suddenly as if not knowing where he was or what he was doing.

*** So the energy had an effect on his mental faculties? Was it EM?
It had the effect of wiping his memory there and then, left bewildered and shook up

Barry do you think the cloudlike thing could have been a 'shroud'? A type of energy cloak which prevents something else from being seen?
To be honest it could have been literally anything, it was very traumatic

The cloud started to move towards us, behind the sofa. I last recall much screaming, then nothing.

Strange as it may seem we as a family only briefly discussed this event years later, brushing it to one side.

I used to like playing in the back garden of this house of ours, I'd often take my toys out there and play in the dirt.

Around age 5 again one event still puzzles me to this day.

It was a bright warmish day as i took my toys out to play.

Its bright daylight one minute then pitch black and night time the next, I'm still sitting in the garden playing. I do not recall even being brought indoors by my parents.

*** So you have lost time and a gap in your memory. Both indications that whomever took you (assuming you were taken) didn't have the ability to return you with no passage of time. Barry, Milab?
The annoying thing being details are on my files but am denied access to many instances

Same time range again, around 5 years old. I'm watching the small black n white tv in the front room, not sure whom else is with me. Its a programme i cannot recall and paying attention on and off. Then suddenly the picture changes. This is an era of no remote controls and so any channel switching was done from the tv itself, no one did that. The screen changed to a scene showing an ordinary street with houses and a few cars. It was a very bright sunlit day, glaringly bright. A shiny disc shaped object lands in the road, a door or hatch opens. Not sure if I saw someone/something exit the disc or I knew they would, just as suddenly the picture returned to its original programme.
Later in time I asked other family members if they witnessed this but no one else did and all I received was shrugs from shoulders!!.

*** This may have been a 'channel check' to see what ports were open and what 'frequency' they could use for mental projection purposes.

We moved from this house in 1957 to go to a brand new housing estate less than a mile away, the Thames View Estate, not far from the then Barking power station.
It was whilst still at Felton road that I became involved with the genetic survey, at around age 4 or 5 (again, exact date on file but kept from me).

***Barry, your parents were brought together because of genetic traits they each held for the purpose of creating a certain type of offspring?
That is something that was arranged just as my first marriage was

***Generational selective breeding.

It would appear so, like many others

The beginnings of many hospital visits, blood tests, x rays, other procedures, injections etc etc.

***Tweaking and fine tuning your genetic structure?
Much was done to me and the likes of me

Taken by parents or collected by men in suits in a car to these procedures and tests.


Barry, thanks for answering these questions. How frustrating to be denied access to the details in your own file.

Do you know who supplied the details in your file?

If if was a MILAB event then that explains why they have the details, but if it wasn't MILAB and was 'other' then who and how were the details supplied?

I imagine they aren't going to share that with you either?

Barry do you remember if the cloudlike phenomena came through a portal?

All the Best
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