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Cool Re: Questions for THEWATCHER

Originally Posted by Ara View Post
Barry, thanks for answering these questions. How frustrating to be denied access to the details in your own file.
They say it would cause unnecessary trauma and confusion if i had access, so ok i'm prepared to leave it for now

Do you know who supplied the details in your file?
the files are made up of mostly UK and USA governments departments data

If if was a MILAB event then that explains why they have the details, but if it wasn't MILAB and was 'other' then who and how were the details supplied?
Remember, there are several variations on the Milab theme

I imagine they aren't going to share that with you either?
Hints and clues given over time in order to see if I could work it out myself

Barry do you remember if the cloudlike phenomena came through a portal?
Can only recall what I've stated already, nothing more sorry

All the Best

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