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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


This is what I am sending to those whom are starting meditation & ask me:

Thank you for a good question!!
Meditation can be for several reasons(goals)...... Meditation is a way to access energies(Light) (Knowledge) (Healing)(Love)(Creativity)(Etc.)

I am not a master or initiate in any meditation philosophy. Many work on their chakras if they feel they need more balance.If you are a happy,healthy,nurturing person whom can stand up for themselves when the need arises- I do not percieve a need to do clearingsof the chakras. Just by visualizing them & their colors,your chakras should be on and working.If one has issues or pain,they should be working on their ethereal bodies in chakrameditations and "as above-so below" the physical body will align. Hopefully, Astralwalker,phiedphipher,and several others,will co-ordinate what will be focused upon as we listen to the frequencies as it will really be more of a Global Intentionwith the frequencies raising us all to the same harmonics and therefore the energies will manifest pretty quickly!!!(Just many do not understand Intention/Manifestation throughout the world. But many understand meditation/Prayer and therefore that word was chosen,not so much for the Awoken, but for many that still sleep!!!) I believe that if you want to access the Fabric of Consciousness(Divine Creator) you must use your first clip. The second is great to learn chakra activation and is good for the beginning,but not necessary for meditation that leads to ethereal body.(That meditation can lead to astral travel,time travel,etc)You may request Spirit guides & Divine Creator to help you with a goal(Healing,Resolutions,Etc.) as you go into this meditation.You will be surprised as to your answers(In visions,just knowing,or many times in Syncrosity) I hope this helps???Oh- when working on intentions-the idea is focus,whether it is in singing,chanting,dancing,etc. It does not have to be in stillness,although we will see what Astralwalker and Phiedphipher have in mind for this event!!
Clips: this is "normal"
meditation and this chakra meditation.

In Light & Love,Sara

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