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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

i am so excited about this project i couldn't fall asleep last night...i kept getting out of bed and turning the light on to write down thoughts that came in like 10 minute intervals until this poem came all the way through...i have been sharing it on the forums i frequent with a link back to here...enjoy

This poem is to excite and make thy heart move
Can you hear the tempo, can you feel the groove?

The time draws near to combine and gather
To link up with like minds through sound i'd rather

Than going to work or school or play
I am content with chanting "hu" all day

A group with no leader except for love and light
Teamwork creating a new world just out of sight

Yet the gap is closing with each passing hour
A unified earth is the dream that's gaining power

So get out of the house and tune into the land
Let's make this planet vibrate from oceans to sand

Sympathetic resonance will awaken the coded grid
We are here to help out gaia like the ancients did

Come one, come all, add your voice to this goal
2012 is almost here, the harvest of one's soul

Surfing the galactic wave back to the cosmic womb
Resting in timelessness 'til the next big bang goes boom

If your in harmony with these words then follow the link
The global mind is emerging, telepathy is on the brink

As we await the first music file from phiedpiper, here is a site with some interesting binaural beat landscapes that i have been listening to in the meantime:

i like the idea of every 6 hours as that should allow anyone in the world enough leverage to find the right time for them to participate in the meditations...but then again the idea of a quantum meditation makes sense to me too where all times are one time


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