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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

HI everybody,
I agree with Galaxy Girl on the Quantum Pause breathing!!!
I want to add something,
I've been reading and re-reading all the thread and since our goal is to gather together and meditate for the good of planet earth and it's people, I think for now on, the best Idea (in my opinion) would be to connect to another group already in place... afterall, those other people already meditating for the same cause are freebees that we could use and they could use us for sure!!!!

I've been reading the Eventtemples material for quite a while, although I found at first that they were too much into metaphorical material, they been speeding things up a notch this time around...

They have predetermined times for collective meditations and they have 2 sound files that they use for that purpose.... sounds about right to me.

You can get the first file (for the first series of meditation of the day) here

And the second file (for the second series) here

Sessions one are daily at 2am, 9am, 2pm and 9pm Eastern time (New York time)

Session 2 are daily at 10am and 10pm (New York Time)

I don't know the technology used for the sound file but I know one thing, if we are all connected to the same purpose it will help humanity and by the meantime we can produce our own sounds if we want!

I know that a lot of communities are meditating following the same schedule
so on my part, it's a go!

Since the audio file is not long enough for a long meditation I start by the audio file produced by them and then I follow it by the Holly Harmony by Jonthan Goldman or the angel codes by Tom Kenyon those are very powerfull sounds I recommand to everybody...

Tom Kenyon is working with entities called the Athors and he is doing a VOICE HEALING sound that is trully transforming and full of light!
Actually of all the sounds I heard in my entire life those produced by Tom Kenyon's voice are the most powerfull one to me.

Trully with you


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