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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Respected Friends,

We are closing to the first run of the planetary meditations.

I would like to thank all of you who understood the message that I delivered and who resonates with it. For the ones who do not agree with what I presented I can only say that Im sorry that I didnt reach them and that is my failure.

All this has come in the time when my life faces major turbulences and it was the best that was possible to achieve.

Many people contact me and asked if this is my idea to misuse this global field of energy that will be accumulated in those planetary meditations because it is obvious that I do not share all my knowledge on the dynamics how this works.

I guess people are scared and I understand that. There is no misuse of this combined psionic focus, and my intentions are totally positive.

It is true that I withhold information about the dynamics of all this, in fact I have shared only a small amount of what I know about this and the events that are coming. But the reason for that is simple because I fallow the wisdom and timing of greater consciousness Gaia.

For many of you Gaia is NEW AGE myth. It does not exist.

BUT IT EXIST. And we are all part of it. I have senses that can tune into Gaias wavelength and my pineal is developed to a point where Gaia can contact me when considers necessary.

During my physical stay here, I have experiences many things that in our current understanding of reality can be considered extraordinary.

I have studied the work of many in Project Camelot and many are good. But I have gone further then most of them. Even the leading figures in this moderns movement of evolution are far less experienced in some areas.

I never plan to organize any of this, I just delivered the message. But the things had taken their own course and here we are in front of first global planetary meditation with the intention to change the fractal structure of matter.

The basic meditation method has nothing do to with the meditations that will fallow. As we go if Im allowed I will introduce more and more knowledge and add more and more complexity in this. At the end THIS WILL BE DONE!

There is only ONE truth in Universe ITS NAME IS LOVE!

Not an empty word but the pure EMOTION A state of being that vibrates on special frequency. And that is what humanity has to learn.

Many of you have not find much logic in what I have presented but as we go more and more logic will start to appear in what I say.

The one of the basic elements that I repeated again and again that this is teamwork. It has to be done by humanity not individuals. When we start doing this, Gaia and my friends from above will assist us and teach us the steps. Those who feel that they are not ready and that this does not resonates with themare completely free to act as they will.

I only ask that you feel and hear the voice within. It is the only true guidance that is left to us.

Crop messages are real and they are showing the way.

In summary:

Believed or not, there is an object approaching and it will pass close to Pluto orbit on 13 Dec 2012.

The trajectory shown on the crop formation points that it wont hit any planet of our solar system.

However its gravity pull will be extreme and together with the gravitational pull of our star which btw, will expand in mass, will cause our Solar System to split on two parts.

There is high probability that we are facing 2012 catastrophe on a mega scale.

It is my belief that this can be stopped to a certain level if we start to use our consciousness. Together as ONE.

In other words, the crop circle makers are showing us that we can change the reality and even the outcome of the future if we understand the fractal geometry and how our thought influence on matter.

Everyone can make a crop circle, but the genuine ones contain signature as pentagram or Star of David, or some 3D image when you spin them. There many people who are known as Left-brain people who just can not comprehend this reality. Their vibrational state forbids evolution because it mean total destruction of their old believe systems. They are stuck in the matrix. Some will succeed to get free some will not.

The Elite will crush the Economy soon and that means trouble soon. I think that they plan to introduce the NWO sooner then 2011.

I think if we understand the way the ancients did this in the past we can achieve extreme change of the outcome.
The main problem is that they are not pulling the strings but malevolent extraterrestrial race. And those being are very dangerous. So we have not a human factor as ultimate enemy

Guns and violence will do no good against those beings, but only the power of our minds fused in one powerful stream of energy.

I hope that Im wrong about many things, but it looks that Im not

So I would like to thank anyone who will hear my voice and see my vision. The more we became the more we can do. It will start with basics but it will soon transform to something very powerful that can be measured and it will go out of scale. Im totally aware of the potential of this. And the driving force of this is not from this world.

The ones that are ready will feel this deep inside. The ones that are not will run like heal, they will reject, attack with everything they can, but it will be useless.

There are greater powers around that most people can comprehend. The process of transformation has already began and there is no stopping.

If this is not done, I have failed. Our friends who are drawing crop formations had failed. And Gaia has failed.

The time for conflict is over. It is time that we evolve and we show that we are Worthy of this.

So lets UNITE AS ONE and prove that we had learnt our lessons.

Love and respect to you all,

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