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Default Re: Allien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Ok I finished the whole thing and it's really got me thinking since yesterday. I think it might really be genuine... what Airl says may not be all genuine.. I think she was a grey who has been programmed by her own controllers or slave masters or maybe thats how we humans would see it... she belives or was programmed to feel duty and not question her rank or position or her place in the rank and file... How she has been programmed and how she see's our history and the "Old Empire",,, is all relitive to what side of the fence your sitting on...

She trips her self up many times and contrdicts her self a few times... Like saying that most Aliens are humanoid and there's no reptilians then she goes on to say her senioor's are insect looking, and many aliens don't look human... I think she's covering for her controllers... who are obviously (To me) renegade reptillian.... her use of the word "Domain" to discribe her faction or aligence of aliens is interesting as there is stuff on Biblioteca Pleades about female creator Anunaki who were the ELohim called The DOMA...

When you read this stuff what Airl says makes sense... even the bits where she's obviously lieing or changing stuff... obviously she would as she is military and wont spill her guts on interigation... tell a lot of the truth and infuse with lies... But I strongly recoment every one read the E book it's fascinating... I had to go back and read it again...

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