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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Czymra I am very interested to get V1 of Phied's file.
I too do like Phied's music and could happily listen to it in a loop without getting bored at all.
That's what we did during the first meditation and it worked out well for me.

It was Astralwalker's decision to add things to it as a temporary solution.
However some people reported they preferred to do their meditation in silence
and others just listened to something else.
We really need to find coherence.Astralwalker pointed out that we should all be
listening to the same music.
It's really nice from dayzero to work something out for us.
And he will do it in the spirit of what Phied did.
Hopefully it should be available for thursday so we can listen to it and discuss it here.
If any changes to be made he might still have the time to do this for saturday.
I'll ask him to post here tomorrow what he intends to do so you all know.

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