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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Perseide View Post
HI there everybody.

I guess this is a normal situation when lot's of people are trying to join. But I felt like if some things moved without the aproval of the people.

I am not really able to clarify my thoughts here because english is not my spoken language and it would sound rude as I know I sound often that way when I type. So I want to tell you that I am glad we are all joining for that meditation. But we must do the things a little bit simpler and clearer for all the new people joining... I spoke with people who were just catching up on all this and they were all confused about what is the good file why is it that it changes, where is the main site... the forum or the healingproject. I know everything everybody did in this thread was on the purpose of helping and I am sure it is doing a great job. The thing I am pointing out is the fact that when it was just a thread, all the information was concentrated here.. we could "feel" the energy as the people were talkingm debating on how to make things progress. Now even if I am very interrested in all this, I somehow feel like things are decided without consult. I am not pointing someone in particular here and please consider me honest and with good will, I am just maybe out of focus or something, since Phiedpiper got sick and Astralwalker gone, it seems decisions are made too quickly for me.

I personnally think that Phiedpiper's file was doing a great great job with all the colors in my visions it was just awesome... of course somebody can make a file just as good or even better... but the las file with the music in it just seemed completely out of focus to me.

I really feel for now that Phiedpiper's file played twice was working very well for me... Of course you could say that I just have to listen to the file I want but we would miss an important point... We are all supposed to listen to the same file as it helps getting into the same vibes and joinning our energies together.

Since We didn't discussed about it on this thread the decision was made and we or maybe just I was cought off guard with a meditation that didn't work for me.

Am I the only one feeling a little bit concerned about this?

Trully Perseide

P.S. Please those involved in the meditation schedule and planification, don't read this as a negative critic. It is not intended to hurt anyone. It is just intended to see if I am the only one with concerns like these.
Hello Perseide,

Your thoughts are welcome.
We can all learn from each other by expressing ourselves in the open.
I appreciate you do.

Let's go back in time to try to understand what happened:

1) Phied gave us a music file of 30 minutes to test and to which we all responded
on the thread : " give you feed back to Phied's music "

2) most of the people appreciated that piece of music with some things we would have liked added to it as tibetan bowls or so to give it a little more depth

3) Phied was then supposed to make an hour audio file to go along our 1st meditation
However due to his health he was unable to this .

4) we agreed to have the file played twice in a loop during the 1st meditation to cover the expected time.

5) second global meditation Astralwalker solved the situation of a too short file by adding some intro and other things to it and announced it on his post 980.
This is the file we used then during the second meditation.
This was done in expectation of Phied getting better and hopefully preparing a new file of his own for the 3rd meditation. However due to his health he could'nt do this.

6) From the feed back we got of that 2d meditation some people mentionned feeling distracted by this 2d audio file which has so different put into it and not really being well streamlined.

7) in the 3rd meditation dayzero tried to solve this by stremlining Astralwalker's file.

8) From the feedback it appeared although this was better people would like to have something which from beginning to end would be coherent and also in the spirit of what Phied did with sacred sounds.

9) As to this date Phied is still not well and we don't know when he will be back Dayzero has proposed to make a new file keeping Phied's piece which everyone likes and just make it longer by integrating to it the solfegio tones , tibetan bowls we can have something coherent from beginning to end.

As you see these initiatives have been taken as we went along trying to fit best to people's expectations .

Astralwalker has been informed all along of the initiatives I did personnally take so he would know and could tell me if he disagreed with anything.

The aim really is to have a music file everyone can use and feel happy about and which is done in respect of what we all agreed and were waiting for in relation to sacred sounds.

For people who don't clearly know where is what about nexus :
Here are the main areas:

1)nexus website: (by Alchemikey)

2)nexus thread : for general discussion ( by Astralwalker)

3)meditation feed back thread: (by mudra)

4)sacred places update list (by Samarkis )

5) nexus 2012: spread the word ( by unlimited mind)
A place where you can find ideas to help disseminating nexus around.

These areas have been separated by topic so as to avoid to clutter the main thread: nexus 2012 which is already so long that some people can't catch up with it.


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