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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

your welcome was written for all of you

might as well share the other poem i wrote (i was responding to a topic on insanity on another forum):

To an insane world i very well may sound insane
Yet what is the difference between joy and pain?

The core which experiences all emotions is the same
The mind wants answers, the heart laughs at the game

To me it is insane to believe any one of us is separate
The need to put down another, to me is just desperate

One sees an enemy where another sees a friend
Some keep the ego strong while others like to blend

No matter what you believe, it all boils down to this
You exist right now as consciousness, as life, as bliss

Be the one self in silence and you will be in for a surprise
Before thoughts, before feelings, before anything does arise

The timeless state that needs no proof as it always will be
Open and just feel how this sounds..."i am a child of eternity"

From the centering source of infinity from which we all hail
There is no sanity to defend and there is no me left to fail

There is only the one that is all and the all is all that can be
One day all will realize day all will have eyes to see

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