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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Greetings dear Friends, some more inspiration for you today

Learn to be secretly happy within your heart in spite of all circumstances, and say to yourself,
"Happiness is the greatest divine birthright - the buried treasure of my soul.
I have found that I am secretly rich beyond the dream of kings." ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Like a prism accepting invisible light into itself and expressing seven rays of color; we accept the inner light of the One into our human instrument and express the virtues of the heart.

The heart, not the mind, becomes our focus, for it is the heart that can bridge separation and Oneness. We become engineers who build the bridges between separation and Oneness-Unity. In this endeavor, we turn our attentions to connecting and sharing, reaching out to others and helping the causes of our planet that require our light and energy. It is from this point of the journey that we awaken to a form of expression that we will call Spiritual Activism.

Spiritual activism is not about solving the problems of the world by energizing social causes and adding to the polarity between those who care and those who don’t, or those who believe the solution is “x” and those who believe the solution is “y”. This is a subtle distinction because the will to do good in the world is often accompanied by separation. For example, the social cause of climate change has “camps” of those who are supporting the Earth (activists, tree-huggers, vegans, ecologists, etc.) and those who are not (global corporations, greedy business people, military industrial complex, governments, etc.).

"If we go into Nature and inquire into her processes we observe more than one glimmer of light. The truth is that life is not material and that the lifestream is not a substance. Life is a force—electrical, magnetic, a quality, not a quantity." - Luther Burbank

Abstract but potent movements, like globalization, can carve out a city and overturn its commerce and community, essentially copy-pasting the culture of globalization in a place that once held its own spirit and sense of community. Those who are opposed to globalization, and observe their communities looking more and more like cookie-cutter McCommunities and Walmartvilles, can become activists against the global machine, but from their fervent opposition, they actually energize the globalization momentum that they seek to stop.

The different camps of “us” and “them” have energetic signatures as well as physical places, people, and events, and this energetic signature grows as the two sides of polarity shine the intensity of their disagreement (energy) at one another. You can observe this in any political system (i.e., liberals and conservatives) and see how the energies are constructed, and make unity and oneness an abstraction instead of a reality.

We live in the non-linear, multi-dimensional, intersecting planes of separate realities that self-organize and transform into the world of Oneness and Unity, but only when we operate in the surety of our hearts will we experience this unity. The heart is not given to ideology or frameworks of rigidity. It operates in tandem with the hippocampus and neocortex to sense, decode, and respond to our local universe and multiverse in utter fluidity.

The heart is our magnet of perception—the decipherer that listens to the electromagnetic sea in which we live, and pulls in the information we need to live in unity with others. It perceives oneness in the living world, and interconnected purpose in the nonliving world. This is the “flashlight” of attention that cascades outward, rising from the depths of our Sovereign Integral consciousness and flooding our local universe with the heart virtues of compassion, understanding, humility, and forgiveness.

( Click to download the whole new paper from James, in pdf: )
see you in the Dreamtime....with smiling heart

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