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Default Re: Allien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Originally Posted by robyn View Post
I'm at page 86 at this time and have been reading yet another explanation for the pyramids. <sigh>

We read in the Ra Law of One material that the Ra social memory complex entity made the pyramids for very different and positive reasons than are given here.

I'm not choosing one over another, but just pointing out that just about every "space brother", whether channeled or speaking with an earth human from the comfort of their mother ship, claims building the pyramids -- each for a different reason.

Add these to the countless other explanations for the pyramids and it's a quagmire.

True, I'm only focusing on the pyramids explanation at this point, but, there it is. Much of the rest is not too dissimilar to several other documents so there is some continuity.

5000 years befor The Domain commits the resources to get rid of the Empire traps. Can we wait that long?

No mention so far of 2012-like ascension to the next level/dimension/density.

Anyway, interesting so far...

The best explanation I've heard of the pryamids is that they were multi-pupose, everything from landing guides and lights, to regeneration, weapons, etc. depending on the crystals powered up inside them. Somehow this just sits right with me.
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