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Default Re: Allien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Originally Posted by Antaletriangle View Post
I,for one found the interview very interesting,yet somewhat disturbing in a hopeless and desperate fashion-as in i am perpetually/eternally victimised and raped,reincarnated without any memories of my ancient past lives and experiences- for being a threat to an empire that fundamentally no longer exists and no-one out there can do anyhting to help us out of this cosmic crime that's been committed on IS-BE's that are trapped here.Tricked into the light at death go to the light and you are back in the earth incarnation cycle?It challenges everything i have understood about leaving the mortal coil after death...Say you do not go to the light at death from this and end up in a purgatorial state?!
It is more confusion again yet interesting nonetheless.
I think the point of this aliens viewpoint is, that YOU are the IS-BE, you are the co-creator, and when you remember, you are the IS-BE (using the chosen terminology here), you will no longer be trapped in the illusion your just some dude who keeps dying and reincarnating. You are actually the co-creator of the game, you are more than the traps. Ye are gods and you don't have to keep playing the illusion of endless reincarnation if you don't want to, you can ascend past it and play a more sophisticated game because you're a lot more than you've let yourself believe...

seems to me to be a positive and empowering message rather than a hopeless one 2 me

P.S. I read a bit further and I can see where the downer stuff comes in because this alien is trapped in it's own ego illusions making claims that it's group 'owns the earth' etc... well, when we remember who we really are, ie. individualization's of the source, no aliens will be able to make this outrageous claim any more .

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