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Default Re: Allien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Great post, 14Chakras. Iím sure that many or all of those delightful ďmaybe ÖĒ statements you made are true or largely true. And thatís such a great example of how taking a positive or creative viewpoint reveals truths which itís impossible to see as long as one stays with a negative point of view. What I mean is that the positive isnít some kind of mirror image or negative (as with a photo) of the negative point of view. Itís mind-bogglingly more, and better. And ďmaybeĒ the big picture is that the universe is ultimately working to certainly achieve an incredibly positive outcome in the long term. Thatís even in spite of however much suffering may be coming to people on the planet soon because weíve polluted the environment so badly Ė and far worse so than the media have been instructed to inform us.

I didnít really have body-image so much in mind when I said itís crucial for us all to like ourselves at a deep level. After all, very few of us look anything remotely like film stars, and even the film stars age quickly. I believe we all need to put lots of attention on liking ourselves more, on the inside Ė because maybe thatís one of the biggest keys to unlocking the power and the spirituality and the beauty inside all of us. We also need to really accept ourselves because otherwise weíre not even accepting reality. I mean, itís dumb not to accept whatever is, and then we start from there. Also, maybe what is is truly beautiful and lovable already, just as it is? Even with all the b.o. and indeed all the problems and craziness of living, not to mention TPTB.

As far as reptilians go, Iíve had some contact with them in astral form and the ones Iíve met have been very benevolent to me and extremely intelligent. (Well, I did encounter some kind of entity once which maybe could have been reptilian and it was connected with a world war scenario and yes, it was nasty.) But the times when Iíve had reptilians by me have been times when I was being exploited in some way, and the reptilians seemed to do a much better job of extricating me from those situations than any of the many other benevolent beings who also tried to help. This leads me to wonder to what extent many statements about ďreptiliansĒ are based on first-hand contact.
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