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Default cows throw themselves off cliff in The Alps

- Police baffled as dozens of 'suicidal' cows throw themselves off cliff in the Alps

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 10:56 PM on 28th August 2009

In the picturesque Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen, the locals are worried.

Dozens of alpine cows appear to be committing suicide by throwing themselves off a cliff near the small village in the Alps.

In the space of just three days, 28 cows and bulls have mysteriously died after they plunged hundreds of metres to rocks below where they were killed instantly.

Swiss mystery: Dozens of cows' bodies litter the valley floor after they mysteriously fell from the alpine cliff many feet above

In each case, local mountain rescue services using a helicopter had to be called in to remove the bodies because of the danger to the local groundwater of pollution.

A police spokesman said: 'There are no large carnivores living in the Alps anymore who would once have disposed of the bodies so they have to be moved.

I had a friend who had cattle ranch in Texas.
She said about a dozen cattle died in one spot
and no cause could be found.

Robert Shapiro was asked to channel explanation.

He was told
"a ship came from their planet home
and asked if they wanted to go home.
These cattle said yes.
The cattle were afraid because they had heard
of many mutilations"

in the field.
+ Xxx

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