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Default Re: An unsinkable yacht is something I've read about if we get earth changes...

I bought Patrick Geryl's book and thought it was quite disappointing. He mentions these unsinkable boats and yeah they might be unsinkable in normal circumstances, but what if you are faced with a huge tidal wave (tsunami) and get completely swallowed like in the movie Perfect Storm with George Clooney.

I saw 2nd hand Etap yachts online for about 37000 the cheapest price was I think, but it was almost 20 years old.

Better to have an floatation coat like this:

It is like a normal jacket, but also a life jacket and will be useful to wear come end of 2012 or if you are travelling anywhere near the Indian Ocean lately.

Swanny, you should head to Monte Carlo if that scenario happens, lots of very big luxury boats over there.
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