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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
So would Project Camelot feel it's too dangerous to be involved with disclosing advanced Free Energy hardware?

I'd think many people are tired of the talking heads in the FE community and ready for something of substance. If given the opportunity, would Project Camelot not help in someway to facilitate the release of practical FE hardware to the public?

It's unfortunate so many look to the gatekeepers for the solutions that will never manifest. Indeed, it is frustrating to see so many with limited paradigms regarding this subject.

Going by Bill's announcement on the front page of PC, it looks like they are at least going to try and do something.

One idea, if they pull it off, would be to have a demo or two along with the testimony.

I understand the reticence regarding trying to release the devices if the suppression stories are true. Too many people have died trying. I am impressed with both Bill and Kerry's drive and courage. If they don't release something it is for VERY good reasons.
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