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Default Re: Welcome to the New & Old members Registering

Astro... Wasn't that the dog in the " Jetsen's ".... ' Laughing '...

I think there's a couple hidd'n in the woodpile... But, we got some good people.
watchin' for the next wave... I'd, like to Thank you, for the Tea... And,
visiting Our thread... Enjoy our Community... Lots of knowledgable people
in these parts... N' Lots of Love...

Welcome, Zenbuoy.....



Originally Posted by Zenbuoy View Post
AMEN WineHippie.

hope all is well. haven't seen your pixels since a bunch of us detoured to that hotbed of negative avatars, AstroVera forum.

All the best!

P.S. thanks for posting this thread Tango
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