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Default Re: Does this sound familiar?

I thank you all for your answers. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who is a linguist and wouldn't be able to afford paying for one, either. So I appreciate your help.

I will now tell you the story behind it. I didn't want to taint any answers in a specific direction, that's why I didn't tell much about it so far, but now I think it is safe to tell the story.

When I was a child - I don't know how old, maybe around 10 - I once had a very strong, strange dream. I still think it was a dream, maybe a distant memory, but I don't think what I experienced happened that night. I can only remember fragments of it, but generally speaking, it was this situation: A very close friend and me both were somewhat "stuck" here on Earth. In the dream, it wasn't being talked about, it was more like an obvious truth to us that we are, well stuck here. But then "they" came, afterwards I'd say these were aliens.

I don't remember what they looked like, maybe I didn't get to actually see them, only their ship from the outside. Anyway - it was decided that they could get only one of us off the planet, one of us had to stay - and in the end that was me. I do not know whether I volunteered to stay or whether it wasn't my choice, maybe it was just natural in the same way we both knew we were stuck. So they left the planet, with that friend of mine.

Despite their departure being at night, I still have a vivid image before my eyes of their ship, but in bright daylight. Generally speaking, typical "saucer shape", but I remember seeing a number of details especially around the edge. In this part of the dream, I suppose I saw them coming for a quick fly-by to see if I am ok, as it would have to be a bit later. And despite most of the dream being very unclear and vague, as dreams typically are (for me), at that time I thought I knew from where I saw the ship in daylight - a large hill not very far away from my home. So I want there, stood on top of it, looked into the sky, a boy of maybe 10 years, and then there was it.


I have been wondering about it for many years, and could never forget it, nor that dream. Which is interesting, as in all my life, there is only very few dreams I did not totally forget the same day.
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