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Default Re: A musical interlude

Originally Posted by futureyes View Post

always remember ...

the glass half full ...

Futureyes, this would be the perfect closing number for this thread..... An inspired choice and totally within the "vibe" of what this thread was meant to be.

Thanks All for taking part in this thread. The 9th is just around the corner really and who knows what after that? I am filled with gladness and a surety that we will all grow and expand into a fullness of being. There is no alternative for us. Love cannot be quenched, it moves ever on outward, a spiral that will encompass all in it's path.

I will do my best to get that video of mine re-posted with my own composition before the close down. Perhaps the mods will humour me and add it to the end of this thread (Hi Mods!!!)

I truly have nothing but love for all of you.

Love Light and Peace

My gift to you

Your gift to me


within the multifaceted palette

we call life.


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