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Default Re: Fellow Ground Crews - Anyone staying to brave the UK?

Originally Posted by Harmeen View Post
Peace, love and light to you all..

I am in the north west UK with no plans (as yet) to leave this area.

I would like to meet fellow ground crew members in this area if your out there, I am between Manchester and Leeds in the pennines.

I have made up my mind that I shall stay. If I was to relocate I would be blindly following the advice of others. The time of blindly following gurus, in whatever form they appear, is over. The time of following our hearts, connected to The Creator (God, if you will), is upon us.

I see a simple solution for all of us:

1) Step outside the fictional destructive system, set up by the occult high-priests to control us (this could happen tomorrow and, if enough people were to do it, the whole house of cards would collapse).

2) Set up self-sufficient communities along the lines of the "Anastasia" books by Vladimir Megre.
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