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Default Re: Is Osama the October Surprise

[QUOTE=CosmicFever;49071]I had a very unusual phone call back in March from an individual I hadn't spoken to in at lease twenty years. He is ex-military and apparently is still working for them under a civilian contract. Among some of things he shared with me was Osama will be "captured" before the election. He said that they've had him but were waiting to announce it to sway the vote to McCain. He was emphatic that McCain will win the election. I have no idea why this person called me after so many years to talk about this. One of the strangest things that I've ever experienced

Very interesting. Perhaps your friend wanted to demonstrate how connected he was. We will see. McCain is now 10 points behind. He will need a Hail Mary, or an appearance from the AntiChrist, to save him, more likely the latter. We shall see soon enough. But if McCain pulls it off at the 11th hour under these circumstances, I would suggest there will be rioting in some urban areas, providing a convenient cover for the imposition of martial law.
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