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Originally Posted by Orion Morris View Post
Well it is ignorance to ignor the signs when they are pointing to the same ol same ol story....

Its like if your husband comes home every night smelling of another person... spending all their time with another person.... talks to the other person.... goes out.... can explain things... or where they have been all night..... and you still believe that they are being honest....

The proof is in the pudding.... he hangs with them... he is on their TV... he is part of it... no denying that....

and either way the culture will never be the same.....
That, in a nutshell, is the basis of our disagreement. I would argue that recent events do not echo the same old narrative. I have not yet become so jaded about the world that all I see are plots and conspiracies. If people spent half as much time figuring out what is wrong with their own lives as they did blaming other people and organizations (real or imagined) for their problems, we all might not be here on Avalon in the first place.
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